Theories and philosophies that influence how I work as a coach


+My coaching takes a person centred, humanistic approach. This means that I fundamentally see you as striving for and being capable of becoming the best that you can be. Coaching then is a shared journey where you are the expert in being you, and I am a participant in your growth journey. Together, we form a relationship that supports your achievements and progress. You set the agenda, and we will discuss whatever matters to you.

+For me the notion of choice is a key aspect of human existence. Whilst it may not be possible to change external factors, it is possible to choose how one responds to them, how one thinks, feels and behaves. Each person constructs their own unique meaning in life. Inherent in this view is an appreciation that people can and do change, and that different contexts lead to different choices potentially setting up an internal conflict. Choosing one's own paths in life is incredibly empowering, but at the same time also scary because it means having to make those choices, take responsibility for the outcomes, and accept things outside of one's control. Coaching helps you recognise the choices that you do (and don't) have, and supports you in making those choices.

+Everyone is a unique individual with their own view of the world. This means that other unique individuals might have a different view of the world than I, although of course we all influence each other and create socially-constructed context-dependent meaning. So one aspect of successful human relationships is accepting, appreciating, valuing, and celebrating the different views, rather than judging things as right or wrong. Coaching can help develop a pluralist view of human interactions.

+My coaching is influenced by the self-determination theory. This poses three key requirements for psychological wellbeing: competence, autonomy, and relatedness. The theory takes an organismic view of human nature, believing that we are active organisms with an inherent tendency to evolve, grow, and integrate new experiences into a coherent sense of self. The most powerful drivers are things that bring inherent satisfaction (internal motivators), or things where the link between what we do and an outcome that we desire is clear.

+I take the view that thoughts, feelings, and actions are intimately related with a reciprocal cause and effect relationship. This means that in coaching the focus may be on any of the three, as well as on their interactions.

+My coaching is based in the here and now, focusing on who you are and what is going on in the present moment. This in turn supports your choices and actions that will give you the desired future. The past matters too; we won't be analysing it in depth, but if the past influences the present then we will discuss it. The present, past and future are all integral aspects of each individual, and cannot be separated.

+My coaching integrates a mix of techniques, as I don’t believe that one single technique suits everyone and every situation. I don't offer psychometric instruments, preferring to work in a non-judgemental manner, with a view that change is possible, and that being human is more complex than just being of a certain "type".

+I do not see myself as a passive bystander in the coaching relationship. Listening is a key aspect of coaching, but there is more. I will ask questions, point out patters and inconsistencies, and challenge you to notice your actions and assumptions. 

+My coaching often deals with the big questions in life, such as who I am, what do I want out of life, and where is my life going. Sometimes these are obvious at the start of coaching, and sometimes they become important during the coaching meetings.

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