What will be my financial investment in coaching?


Coaching is an investment into your future. Studies in the organisational context indicate that the benefits are at least five times greater than the investment, and my testimonials show how I have helped others. What would be the cost to you of not being at your best?

The duration of coaching will depend on what you require. We will discuss this in advance. As a guide, 5-6 sessions are usually needed to make a key decision or transition, whilst deep personal transformation typically requires support over a 12 month period with monthly meetings.

The first 60 minute coaching session is free.


After that, charges are £105 per 60 minute session. When purchasing 5 sessions or more in advance, a 5% discount applies. 

Special circumstances

I myself have benefited from life-changing coaching and firmly believe that coaching should be accessible to all and not just a privileged few. If you are not in a position to pay above prices, please discuss this with me in the free session. Note that doctors new to UK are not normally expected to pay until after they start earning.

(pricing updated 7th January 2021)

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